1. Make sure the computer you want to connect to is running I-Tunes 8 or higher.

2. Go to http://tr.im/oS1h

On your iPhone, in the Safari browser, go to the following website: http://tr.im/oS1h

Tether_1_1 Tether_1_2 Tether_1_3

3. Go to Mobileconfigs and download

Press Mobileconfigs. Find your country, select your provider, and press download. 


Tether_3_1 Tether_3_2 Tether_3_3

4. Press Install and Confirm

The message reads: "IMPORTANT: The authenticity os "US AT&T" cannot be verified. Installing this profile will change settings on your iPhone." Changing settings is exactly what we're trying to do. Confirm with "Intall Now".
Tether_4_1 Tether_4_2 Tether_4_3

5. Go to Settings>>General>>Network>>Internet Tethering

Tether_5_1 Tether_5_2 Tether_5_3

7. Bluetooth or USB

Decide how you'd like to tether. Follow the instructions on the screen (it's almost automatic). 

  • AT&T could be charging you. Nobody knows.
  • Do this at your own risk. 
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