Network administration
We run most server versions and almost every version of Windows in-house for support references.

Novell Operating Systems  3, 4, and 5, Groupwise
Microsoft Operating systems from DOS to Windows 7
Server OS from Windows for Workgroups to Server 2003, using Server 2008
Cisco Router configurations

Currently managing clients with as little as 5 user LANs to well over 1000 user WANs with connections in multiple states and countries.   Server configurations, installations, upgrades, migrations, and repair

Field service (technical)

Repair of IBM, HP, Compaq, as well as others for printers, monitors, laptops, workstations, and servers.  
Having the technical ability and knowledge to troubleshoot down to the component level if and when necessary. 
Regardless of your issue, be it hardware and/or software.

End user software application support
We run almost every version in-house, just so we can duplicate issues any client may have.
Microsoft Office 95 to Office 2010 Professional
Word Perfect 5 to 10
Blackberry and IPhone support for data synchronization


Designed, prototype and have manufactured embedded systems from microcontrollers to Altera FPGA architectures.   These embedded systems consists of both hardware and software created in-house.   We also provide schematic, routing and gerber files creation services.

Project manager
Successfully completed projects for software, hardware, or data manipulations which ranged in scope and size from several weeks to nine months.  These projects were established and kept on-track and on budget.  Every project has a Gantt chart created to ensure every project team member knows when deliverables are due.

Customer service representative

I am able to
discuss problems and solutions with clients in laymen terms.   I explain what caused the issue, how to avoid a repeat and in most cases what the client can do to recover from the same incident in the future.

Technical service representative

I can discuss failure resolution of hardware and software issues in technical terms with engineers and programmers alike.  This resolves issues of pointing blame as the issue is proven, addressed, and corrected.

Remote desktop support

Currently clients run a  reverse VNC connection on demand for fast and efficient fixes which do not require office visitations.

Machine, assembly, basic and C++, Pascal for chip based applications. 
C++, Pascal, and Delphi on Windows applications.


Patent filings and awarded.   Issued a U.S. Patent for a fingerprint recognition system in September 2008.