Paladin Electronic Services, Inc. (PES) is a privately held IT servicing, research and development company established in 1988 and incorporated in the state of Florida in 1990.

Paladin offers complete engineering design capabilities involving multiple engineering disciplines and an ISO certified product development process.   We can satisfy your complete product development needs starting with a product concept and finishing with a ready-to-manufacture electronic product design.

Paladin employs programmers proficient in Pascal, C++, C, Delphi, machine and assembly level programming.

Some corporations create hardware and other corporations create software, at PES we design and develop both hardware and software.    It is this dual capability which enables PES to bypass all the typical stumbling blocks and create the finished product. 

On September 9, 2008, Paladin received a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for our Fingerprint Recognition system under  Patent # 7,424,618.